Pilates Studio

Welcome to lavila

Our Pilates studio is located in Barcelona’s Sarrià neighbourhood. We aim to provide personalised service of the highest quality. 

Our instructors have received high-level specialised training, our Pilates machines belong to the Balanced Body brand, and we use Casall Pro supplementary equipment. All of this in a large, comfortable space that is exclusively used for Pilates.

To ensure a comprehensive approach, we work together with other professionals who specialise in medicine, physiotherapy and chiropractic care.

The Pilates method

Pilates is a type of low-impact, highly adaptable and balanced physical exercise.

At our studio we mainly work with machines: Pilates reformer machines, cadillac machines and chairs, which allows us to exercise while maintaining great control over our movement.

Our classes

Our studio is for everyone who wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our exercises are always carried out under guidance and they are progressive, thus adapting to all circumstances related to age and physical fitness.
Moreover, practising Pilates is ideal for recovery (rehabilitation) and preventing different illnesses.


Pilates will help you gain flexibility in terms of both range of motion and control and efficiency when moving. You will notice the benefits of Pilates in your daily life (walking up and down stairs, getting up, etc.) and also when practising sport (running, skiing, swimming, etc.).


An important part of Pilates involves resistance training. Our exercises will help you build strength and tone your body progressively and safely.


Our exercises work on balance both statically and dynamically. You will gain stability when moving and when practising sport.

Body awareness and postural re-education

In the Pilates method, body movement must always be conscious and controlled. We work on concentration, breathing and the connection between body and mind. You will increase your body awareness and learn to correct your posture.

Our classes

Individual private classes

Individual classes that are completely customised and adapted to fit your time availability.

Two-person private classes

Exercise privately with another student. We offer classes for couples or we look for another student who matches your fitness level.

Small groups

Pilates classes with machines for small groups. Each student has a machine and material for their own use.

We offer classes for all fitness levels and at different time slots. Classes are programmed based on student needs and goals.

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